The fine art of purging…

We’ve all had thoughts of purging – even the most diehard “collectors” of us. Frequently, we even get up enough steam to start the process. Then the difficulties begin.

“Do I keep this? What about that? Oh, I couldn’t possibly get rid of this!” From here, it’s all downhill and we’re left with the nagging sensation that nothing was really accomplished.

While I’m not an expert purger, I had a revelation last night as I was trying to fall asleep. Purging, you see, is NOT about downsizing or minimizing. It’s about choosing items that are inherently necessary, important or that bring added value to the life you live.

That’s the kicker. The life you live. Not the life you want to live. Not the life you think you’ll live. Not the life you’d live if you had more money, more time, more space. The life you really, truly, honestly live at this time.

Which would mean that the first step in purging is actually recognizing how you live. That’s a really large task unless you take it in itty-bitty baby steps. Or, in my case, room by room.


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