How we really live… room by room

Let’s start with the heart of the home, shall we?  The kitchen.

In my home, the kitchen is most definitely not the heart of the home.  It’s the room where we store necessary food items, clean and dirty dishes, and the all important coffee.  We do not linger there.  We usually don’t even eat there.  With the Ogre’s evening and overnight shifts, I’m frequently alone for dinner.  And I don’t enjoy cooking.  In my world, food is a necessary evil and I’m more comfortable with my plate in front of my hastily pushed backed keyboard.

We have a fair amount of kitchen supplies.  Dishes for a large family meal (think Christmas or Thanksgiving) with glassware to round out 8-12 settings.  There are 2 sets of 16pc cutlery and one of 40.  Pots, pans, baking sheets, and storage containers all tumble out of cupboards when the doors are opened quickly.  Serving dishes languish on upper shelves, crying out to be used.

Apparently I once thought that I would host gatherings that included food.  I was wrong.  We don’t entertain often.  We feed ourselves and the cat.  And, even those meals are not things of legend.  They are hastily thrown together and eaten so we can get on to the fun stuff.

I’m by no means a cook.  I can bake, and I make wicked bread.  But preparing tasty, healthy meals is not my forte by any means.

So, how DO we live in the kitchen?  We make coffee there.  We deposit dirty dishes there.  It’s a walk-through room, not a linger room.  A necessary room, not a beckoning one.

Do I want to change that?  Do I want the luxurious, expansive, elegant, clean kitchen that calls all who pass by to “Come in and have a gnosh”?  Of course I do, in some dim cavity of my brain.  Honestly, though, it would be wasted on me.  And on the Ogre.  The cat might like it, though!

As for food stuffs, we’re plain folk.  Exotic things languish in the cupboard forever.  It’s the boring stuff that gets eaten.  The Ogre could live on pasta and peanut butter.  And for me, it’s salsa, nachos and ice cream (but not at the same time!).  Convenience food works well in our house.  I’m terrific with boxes and bags of pre-packaged food.  Add some spices, some veggies – and there’s a nummy meal.  Quick and easy is the watchword.

We use the kitchen as a necessary room.  In purging terms, that means getting rid of the excess.  We don’t entertain, so extra sets of cutlery, glasses, mugs, dishes and serving ware are NOT required.  Neither is fancy linen (not that I have any, but it’s the thought that counts!)

I don’t cook much – so two complete sets of pots and pans might be a bit much.  But I do bake and need to keep the bread pans, cookie sheets, etc.

Purging this room becomes easier, now that I know what doesn’t belong.  Keeping those things would be a waste.  It’s time to let them move on.


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