Weekends are for working…

Well, 2 out of 3 of them are!  The Ogre works shift work, and that includes having one weekend of three off.  That, my dears, is MY sloth weekend.  The other two are filled with doing all the things that it’s easier to do when he is not underfoot.

Like purging the kitchen.  That was the plan today.

However, I didn’t get to last nights cleaning.  Which means, at this very moment, a Hazmat team somewhere is being assembled and prepped to deal with my home.  Oh, I KNOW it’s not nearly that bad, but it does need a good cleaning.  It always feels this way the weekend after Sloth weekend.

Now that the grocery run is complete and I’ve decided on what to make for dinner this evening, I can’t procrastinate any longer.  The Ogre just left for his 12 hour shift.  It’s time to clean.

Because weekends, apparently, are for work.


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