Theming our home…

I’ve been wracking my brain for the last few days about the whole idea of a themed home.  I’m not sure it’s something I could pull off and/or live with.  However, I did stumble upon the idea of having something that reflects the Ogre and I individually in each room.  Sort of our own visual theme music.

Deciding his was easy.  Words.  Words, words and even more words.  The man LIVES for the printed word.  I think it would be terrific to have sayings, quotes and just simple words in each room.    Maybe words he believes in like honor and loyalty, or words he aspires to such as patience and perseverence.  Maybe fun words, maybe thinking words, maybe nonesense words.  Time will tell!

Choosing a theme for myself was a tad more difficult.  I tend to migrate from interest to interest like a bee overdosed on honey.  The only “hobby” that has held me for any length of time has been belly dancing, and I don’t really want that displayed everywhere!  Costuming is my avocation, but that’s something I do, not something I want to look at.

I took a walk at lunch to think about it and caught myself staring at the trees and fallen leaves as if I hadn’t seen them before.  Before my fibromyalgia and the effects cold has on me, the autumn was always my favorite time.  The colors I find most beautiful are found on the ground in the curling leaves.  It struck me that tree limbs and leaves have always held a fascination for me.  Particularly once the leaves have fallen.

Not needing too big a stick to hammer an idea into my head, I realized that I had found my theme.

So, rather than a particular set-in-stone style, our new home will have rooms (very) loosely based on style, but immersed in our themes.  Words for the Ogre and branches and leaves for me.

Decision made!  Even the Ogre thinks it might work.  And that’s sayin’ somthin’.

Make it a great day.


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