From the bottom up…

It looks like we may have found our new home. Right now, we’re waiting on the lease signing and the dreaded deposit! After that, there’s the packing, the actual moving and the unpacking at the other side.

To take my mind off the whole process for a little while, I’ve been trying to decide just how to decorate the new place. Now that I actually have a framework to imagine things in, my little brain has been whiz-click-whirring non-stop.

There is a finished basement in the new place. That’s a very good thing. The largest of the rooms is approximately 16′ x 18′ – the perfect size for a cave/den/living/whatever room. The Ogre and I have talked about it and we both think it’s the perfect place for OUR living room. Flat screen tv, all three computers, books, books, books and the furniture to house them. We’ll also be planning on a couch and perhaps loveseat down there (although a chair would do as well).

The basement also sports a large storage room (directly off the large room), a laundry room, powder room and smaller storage closet. I won’t worry about decorating the storage and laundry areas, but I would like the powder room to be pretty!

Earlier, I had written about an art deco kitchen and powder room. That was when I thought I’d have those two rooms close to each other. Now, there’s a new plan. As the powder room and our living room will be in the basement, I think I’m going to approach both with a deco frame of mind – unless I can talk the Ogre into Art Nouveau (which I really adore!).

I’d like to take the powder room into Hollywood Deco Glam. You know exactly what I mean, don’t you? Yup, a room so glam that you can picture Mary Pickford putting her lipstick on while squinting her eyes to protect them from the cigarette smoke and balancing a birdbath martini glass on the edge of the sink. Something so Glam that my inner Diva will feel properly addressed.

Something like this…

Or this…

Maybe this…

And this is lovely…

I can feel my inner Diva approve!  Now, where did I put the birdbath martini glasses?


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