Living with neutrals…just not beige.

After 7 years of living with “Builder’s Beige”, I recently painted our living and dining areas a wonderful rich taupe.  It astonished me how much more “home” we immediately felt.  Shortly after this, we discovered that we will be moving.

Despite knowing that both the Ogre and I prefer living with color, I won’t be doing any painting while we’re still in this rental.  However, the lease has been signed with the new landlord… and he has absolutely no objections to my slathering the place with rich, vibrant color!

I find myself being drawn to the new neutrals, rather than more vibrant shades.  I seem to like color that subtley impacts a room, allowing the furniture and, most importantly, the people in the room to be the source of color and life.  I like calm in my home, gently seductive rooms that entice me to just be and recharge.

With that in mind, I’ve been reviewing the Potery Barn Colours Fall & Winter 2011 Palette, trying to pick colors that will flow from room to room and that will enhance the mood of serenity I’m hoping to achieve.

The basement powder room and living area were easy to pick.  “Weimeraner” is remarkably similar to the taupe in this living room.  And we like it!  It looks terrific with pewter and silver, so those will be the accents.  Black pops against it, and the electronic components for our computers, tv, and dvd player, as well as our desks are all shades of black.  I’m planning on painting our bookcases as well, though I’m not sure just what color yet.  (Black with silver?  Taupe to blend with the walls?  Cream?  Off-white?  White?)  This is probably the last room I’ll end up working on, so it’s actually rather humourous that it’s the first one I came to a decision on!


“Ice Mist (oc-67)” is a beautiful, crisp white – perfect for my new kitchen!  Ceiling, walls and trim, I think.  I’ll be doing the cupboards in “Stone White”, which has a very nice gray undertone to support the pewter I’m hoping to glaze them with.  Crisp white walls, pewter cabinets, white appliances!  A kitchen that feels clean and fresh, but doesn’t cross the line into industrial.


And this is where I get bogged down.  There’s still the entry, hall, living and dining rooms on this first floor… not to mention two stairways.  The entry opens into the hallway, which leads down to the living room, which flows into the dining area, which is visible to the kitchen, which opens into the hallway again.  The stairway to the second floor is open while the stairway to the basement does have a door.  Still, that whole first floor is nothing more than one space flowing into another.  I’d really like the flow to be graceful and seamless.

Guess I’m going to have to think about it a bit more, huh?


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