Dining room plans…

In our current dining area, we have several bookcases that could serve as a credenza (if we EVER actually entertained!).   I’m not happy with the bookcases or the items displayed on them, but I really, really like the mirror and candle sconces.  So much so, that I started searching for a table and chairs that would work with them.

And…  enter Good Friends Indeed!  They’re a local couple who offer a terrific service.  Fundamentally, they collect furniture in good condition and, for $50 per piece, deliver it DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOOR!!!  For $50, people!  A previously and gently loved item delivered to your door!!!

So, I’ve been saving my pennies… and checking their posts daily.  Just in case, you see.  It could happen, right?

What did my $50 get me?  Well, it got me a previously loved dining room table and 4 chairs.  There’s supposed to be a scratch or two on the set, but I’m sure I can deal with that.

Wheeee!!!!  Isn’t it beautiful?  Won’t it look terrific with the mirror and sconces?  Something modern and edgy with the traditional sconces!  I’m so excited!

I have a console type table languishing in the basement that’s going to get a good sanding and a serious coat or two of paint after the move.  That will slide right in under the mirror.  I have no idea what I’ll use for accesories yet, but the framework is coming together.


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