Progress… but no photos.

Today, I almost managed to finish purging the upstairs of our three bedroom townhome.  Master bedroom – check.  Linen closet – check.  Bath – check.  Guest room – check.  Studio…. (crickets are chirping  – don’t you hear them?).

There are two places in my home that I dread purging.  One is the basement of doom where everything that doesn’t have a home migrates.  The other is my studio.  And it’s not the dance costumes that are the problem.  It’s the stuff.  The fabric, beads, threads, sequins, crystals…  The bits and bobs of belly dance costuming that I MIGHT NEED ONE DAY.

The basement intimidates me because of the volume of work there will be.  The studio intimidates me because of the choices I have to make.

Add in that I only just realized I have 4 weekends available to get our home purged and packed before the move and the panic begins.

The Ogre will be picking up the moving boxes, paper and tape during this next week.  That’s when all of this gets REALLY serious, people!  There’s only one logical place to start packing, and that’s the studio.  If only because I’m using the majority of my “free” time getting ready for this move that I don’t have any left for working on costumes.  It makes sense.  It’s the perfect choice.

I’m going to have to be harsh with myself – and with my lovely fabric and stuff.  Tough love.  Yeah, that’s it.  Tough love.

I can do this.  Yes, I can.


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