Have I mentioned that I sometimes underestimate?

Well, maybe not sometimes.  Maybe always.  Perhaps…

The conversation with the Ogre went something like this…

“Really, Love, I think I’ll only need a few 1.5 cubes for my sewing room (storage space of all crap that could possibley be one day required for anything remotely creative).”, said I.

“Yes, Dear.” responded the Ogre.  (He’s a smart man.  “Yes, Dear” and “You have pretty blue eyes” are phrases firmly ensconced in his lexicon.  It could be why we’re still married.  Perhaps…)

After procrastinating over packing/purging the “studio”, today was the day I grabbed my courage with both hands.  Christmas Eve and Christmas day with the in-laws was worth a tad of trepidation (unneccesarily, I might add), but it’s been today that I’ve dreaded.  And here’s why.

From the door…

The costume closet

Costuming supplies storage

Now might be a good time to explain that I’m a Belly Dance Instructor, Costumer and Performer.   Stored in this room is fabric, beads, sequins, trims that I take down to the living room, sit with on the couch and turn into costumes for myself and a few clients.   But I honestly thought a few 1.5 cubes would do it.  Honest, I did.

What the holy heck was I thinking?  Or did the Ogre have the brain that day?

Two and a half hours later, I’ve dismantled two very, very well put together desks and packed all of my crap precious things.

That’s 1 desk, dismantled, with 2 drawers.  The other desk won’t be travelling to the new place, but I’m taking both drawers.

And, if you look closeley, you’ll see 8 2-cube boxes and 3 1.5-cubes.  Plus miscellaneous containers and objects previously hung on the wall (corkboard, jewellery holder, etc) that wouldn’t fit in the boxes.

A large rough tote of fabric… and it’s flatter, but equally exciting cousin.  That’s dance fabric, folks.  Not boring stuff!

This wheelie jobbie holds my beaded bedlahs (belly dance bra/belt sets).  I could have put them in boxes, but that would have crushed them… and I really didn’t want that.

So, it’s all done.  But it wasn’t “a few” boxes.  Not even “several”.  I think I hit “many”.  And I didn’t show you the four rather large garbage bags which will hit the curb on garbage day.

All in all, I’ve earned me one of these…

Why, yes, that is a blurry photo of a water goblet full of egg nog.   With Crown Royal, Kahlua and Irish Cream.  I make a MEAN egg nog.


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