When you last saw our heroes…

They looked like this.   And they were done. 

But Allison from House of Hepworths had posted this…

And I loved it.

However, MY last name doesn’t start with an H.  So I made a T.

And painted it charcoal.  Which looked horrid against the coppery color of the mail holders.  But I really liked the charcoal/black T and didn’t want to repaint it.

And then, I made a sign for the new entryway.  It’s going to hang inside (since hanging it on the exterior is a clear invitation to vampires to enter our home – and we definitely don’t want them to come in!)

You’ll notice I made it to match the T, not the mail holders.  By now, you’re probably sensing a theme.  And you’d be right.  I made holders for my purse and the Ogre’s messenger bag as well.  Guess what colors I painted them?

Here it all is, including the mail holders in their new incarnation.

I’m hoping to do tutorials for all of these projects

(except for the T, since Allison from HoH has wonderful instructions!)

This also explains why I’m not on track with the packing, doesn’t it?


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