Seasonal decorating…

I’ve always admired people who decorate for the seasons.  Now, with the internet, there are even more homes to admire.  So many people do such wonderful, creative things to their homes for different seasons.  I admire the Canadians most of all…. simply because our three of our seasons are so rushed and ill-defined.

Here in Ottawa, spring might come in April and flow directly into the early summer that May 24th promises.  Early summer then quickly grows into the “OMG, it’s hotter than Hades” section of summer.  Autumn (though it can start in September) normally only runs from October to November.  Suddenly, it snows, and for 4-5 months, it’s Winter.

We’re moving in mid-January – which will give us 2-3 months of winter before the spring decorating can start.  So the question arises… do I decorate for the winter season that we move during?  Or hold off until March in order to herald spring?

Frankly, I’m tired of winter already.  And moving in the cold, snowy middle of January really isn’t going to trigger very many creative thoughts!  However, using those 2-3 months to get everything organized, painted and furnished would make terrific use of my “free” time and get the canvas prepped (in a manner of speaking).

Then, of course, I’d have to decide if I’m going to do all 4 seasons or just do spring/summer, autumn and OMG, I’m frozen.

What would you do?


2 thoughts on “Seasonal decorating…

  1. Well – since you’re asking….I’m of the opinion that we ignore the winter season and just concentrate on preparing for spring/summer. Just think – if we ignore winter, it might just go away -feeling neglected and unwanted…like an ugly red-haired step child! lol

    • Ogre, I’d love to ignore winter, but the “feels like” minus 29 degrees just got past my defenses! Let’s face it. It’s winter. And Canada.

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