I am not the worst photographer I know…

but I do win honorable mention, if not runner up.

Those snazzy shots you see in the blogosphere?  None have EVER come from my camera.  But my little camera is not to blame.  A good photographer can take photos with anything.  Me?  Not so much.

Oh, I see the shot I want.  Sort of.  If the lighting were right, or the background different or any of a dozen things I didn’t take into account when I pressed the button.  And let’s not even talk about the camera “shudder” when I do!  Blurry, unfocused, poorly planned images seem to somehow find their way on to my SD card.

I’m starting to take this blog thing seriously.    It didn`t occur to me when I first started this blog, but my lack of photographic skills is really a handicap.  I want to share what my eye sees, but my camera misses.

The only way to do that is to learn how my camera sees and somehow converge the two.   I’ve started to re-read my manual, and I’m going to be practicing on “nothing” shots, just to see what the camera sees.  If I see the way my camera does, eventually, I hope to be able to train myself to “get” the shots.

I’ve purchased a relatively inexpensive tripod.  Most of what I want to capture is going to be immobile so any blur in the shots comes from my movement.  A tripod will help eliminate that.

I’m not rushing out to get a new camera, although I did see some very lovely ones when I bought the tripod.  Learning on my Steadyshot DSC W330 will teach me the skills I need.  Once I’ve accomplished that, a new camera might be worthwhile.  Until then, however, all the shiny new toys and features would just be wasted on me!

Isn’t it funny how we discover we have to learn new skills while in pursuit of something?



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