Clutter is not my friend…

It came to me while I was packing and purging that living with all of this messy stuff has been distracting me and really driving me nuts.  I’ve been finding it hard to relax and think.  I don’t seem to have the ability to shut out the boxes and the mess.  It feels like my surroundings are draining me.

 “Clutter is stuck energy.   The word “clutter” derives from the Middle English word “clotter,”
which means to coagulate –  and that’s about as stuck as you can get.”   – Karen Kingston

I think that home is where I come to breathe.  Where I can relax into myself and my life.  Where the world between my ears and in my heart has the freedom to be as large and expansive as I want or need it to be.  It’s where I breathe in clarity and grow strong.

“Clutter is a physical manifestation  of fear that cripples our ability to grow.”   – H.G. Chissell

The purging I’ve been doing is a good start for the new place.  I’ve been systematically getting rid of the things that aren’t needed, or that are just bogging me down.  The Ogre, by the way, doesn’t seem to notice.  He’s blessed with the ignore gene that I just don’t have.  Sometimes I think boys see things differently… Then again, I could just be OCD.

I love elaborate decorating.  In other people’s homes.  For me, too many tchoitkes and knickknacks destroy the line and flow of a space.  The only time I can really deal with that sort of excess is Christmas.  And then, more is most definitely more – and it’s good.  Generally, though, if all I can see is the stuff, I can’t SEE the people, or think my thinks.  And that’s becoming more and more important to me.

It helps that there is just two of us.  No little people with zillions of toys, or teens with lots of things.  Just two adults who really don’t have a whole lot of attachment to things.  (Except for the Ogre’s books and my fabric – but that’s different! ;P ).

But don’t think I’m Spartan!  I love luxury.  Smooth, lush, flowing lines.  Beautifully textured surfaces.  Colors that enhance each other.  Gleaming wood and serenely matt surfaces.  Metals that glow in the light and fabrics that beg to be touched.  Glitz and glamour are a good thing… in moderation.

I’m not a linear thinker.  My thought processes are far more divergent and chaotic than that.  Quiet places outside of my head really do help me harness some of that.  Calm surroundings let me take advantage of the brain that jumps from A to L, D to Z and back to R.

I have some very dear friends who would disagree.  Lovely, vibrant souls who thrive on the chaos of clutter, the exuberance of colors and shapes that their stuff brings.  There’s a part of me that envies them.  I’d love to be able to step into the middle of the kaleidoscope and not feel overwhelmed.  Somehow, they see and appreciate the patterns that I simply miss.

I’m hoping to develop a home that has a place for everything and, of course, everything in its place.  Neat, clean and luxurious, if those aren’t too contradictory.

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

– William Morris

How about you?  Which camp do you fall into?  Are you happiest with all of the things you love shining out at you all of the time?  Are you like me in that you need a bit more space from them?  I’d really like to know.


3 thoughts on “Clutter is not my friend…

  1. I like to be able to see my stuff, helps me remember where it all is. That being said, I do often find it overwhelming to be able to see so much stuff, and lately have been starting to declutter because I just have WAY too much stuff! I really envy homes where everything is neat and tidy and in its place, but I’m too scatterbrained and all over the place to be able to get my place to that state – yet… one day…. lol.

  2. In just about 25 years, we’ve moved 15 times. Prior to that, I had moved 17 times. In 48 years, I’ve moved 32 times. There’s a lot of experience in accepting surroundings as they have to be. Not so much as ignoring – I mean, really, who can ignore all the boxes and furniture that you practically trip over!? But temporary acceptance of such a state is a necessary thing to keep a reasonable state of mind! It’s all good.

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