Feeling a bit under the weather today…

I managed to drag my sorry butt out to my day job and back, but there’s no more get up and go in me tonight.

So, I’m taking a guilt free evening off.  The scarey basement is almost packed, the pieces of furniture and electronics that are going to other homes (so they won’t be moving with us) will be picked up tomorrow by the wonderful Ron and Shawna of gfi.webs.com, and I’ve gotten most of the laundry under control.

It’s hard to believe that the move is only in 10 days.  I don’t feel at all ready, but I know we’re mostly on track for this.

Honestly, this is just the tedium part.  Well, this and the actually lugging and toting of boxes.  I’m really anticipating the fun part.  I have a handy, dandy notebook that I’ve been carrying with me everywhere.  In it I jot down projects and plans for each room as they jump into my head.  No-one else could possibly decipher them, but I KNOW what I meant!



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