It’s a two-fer!

When Winners had their after Christmas discounts on decorations, I stopped into the store during my lunch hours a few many times.  (I work about a 7 minute walk from the closest Winners).

I just couldn’t believe the prices, and it was almost all within my meager little budget!  I’ll post my treasures from these excursions at a later date.  This post is about the one item I wanted more than anything.  The item that made my heart go pitty-pat.  The thing I hemmed and hawed about buying because it cost ELEVEN whole dollars.  This 16″ curvy beauty of mercury glass that haunted me for two days.

It came back to the office with me.  And I discovered the tragedy.

Somehow, the top sphere had separated from the main body of the finial.  I thought I could just glue the pieces back together again making it a quick fix.

The goddess of salvage obviously had different thoughts on the matter.

Would you believe that, even though it was a clean break in the glass, the two pieces weren’t the same size at the break?  When I placed them together, there was a 1/8″ difference in size.  And there were traces of a previous glue job.  I think my beauty had surgery at some point – perhaps decreasing her height.

Regardless, this wasn’t going to be a quick down’n’dirty fix anymore.  Now creativity was called into play.

I debated (with myself) a few ways of approaching this.  Creating a disc insert and gluing the top and bottom to it really seemed to be the best idea.  But then, I had another think.

Instead of fixing the break, why didn’t I look at this as a chance to get more versatility out of this beautiful lady?  If I keep her in two pieces I’d have two pretties for the price of one!  The sphere is almost 5″ tall as it is, and the base is 11″ tall.  Finding a way to use them separately still would leave me with relatively large scale impact.

Not only was I determined to make her more versatile, I was even more determined not to spend any more money.

Here’s what I came up with…

First, I covered the edges of the glass break with paintable caulk and gave them a touch of paint as well.  This way, there’s far less chance I’ll cut my silly self.

Yes, that is a Dollar Store metallic candle holder glued to a Sally Henson Nail polish bottle.  With a ring of cut from felt furniture protectors and paintable caulk.

This one is a handle from a Dollar Store foam paint brush.  I used an exacto knife to whittle out a hole in the end of it so I could insert the brass cover of an incense burner I don’t really use.  The platform is a felt furniture protector.

This is what they look like with a few coats of black paint…

And this is what they look like with the mercury glass.  As you can see, the bottom of my beautiful finial has become a candle holder… and the top is now a decorative sphere that won’t roll off the table.

Now they’re definitely ready to live in my dining room!  Once I actually get there and get the console they’re going to sit on refinished, that is.



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