It’s moving time!

This evening, we pick up the keys to our new rental – and the Ogre get’s to see his new home for the first time.  How’s that for trust?  (Of course, he’s picked places for us while I couldn’t be there – and that worked out fine!)

As far as packing goes, I still have the kitchen and living room to finish up.  It’s slow today, but I’m seeing some progress.

Our timeline is coming together nicely.  Tonight I finish the kitchen, and get a start on my dance costume supplies.  Tomorrow, I finish the living room – after spending the afternoon in the new place waiting on our internet/phone installer!

Saturday morning, more friends than I even knew I had will show up and lend their strong backs and big hearts.  The lifting, toting, lugging and hauling crew are going to be the biggest blessing ever!

Saturday night, the Ogre and I fall down.

Sunday, there’s grocery shopping and puttering.  I don’t intend to really start the unpacking until Monday.   These two middle-aged folks will need a bit of recovery time!

So, there’ll be no posting until Sunday evening or Monday.

Have a great weekend, everyone.



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