We’re in!


Well, we, the cat who owns us and our possessions are now located at the new address.  Seven hours after the truck was rented, it was returned, and everything we own in the world was in boxes and general dissaray.

We moved ourselves – mostly due to finances and the idea that spending over one thousand dollars to transport everything less than 15 kilometers was just obscene.  We have some terrific friends and family who stepped up for us and lifted, toted, lugged and hauled for meger reward.  There will be some serious “thank you” entertaining in our future!

The move itself went smoothly, but we’re finding more and more things to do at this house.  The landlord had given the previous tenant an extension to get everything ship-shape for us, but nothing was done.  In the photos, you’ll see patched walls, etc…

Basically, it’s now a fixer-upper.  The landlord has assured us that he’ll provide funds and tools, so we’re going to go with that until we know different.

DAY ONE – Sunday

What the basement looked like when we started…








What it looked like when we fell down…








DAY TWO – Monday

What it looked like when we started…

What it looked like in time to make dinner…

I’m not going to pretend that it’s pretty.  But it is clean – and we can relax in the basement room and prepare meals in the kitchen.  And that’s a very good start!

I had taken this week off from work to get things in order.  What I had hoped to do was paint and decorate.  Apparently, the universe didn’t really like what I had planned.  This week is now dedicated to cleaning and getting our new home liveable.

Pretty is just going to have to wait for a bit.

Still and all, it’s good to be here.  Even the cat’s starting to settle in.

She’s found her litter, food and her staff.  What more could a princess want?


2 thoughts on “We’re in!

  1. It looks like they belong there, doesn’t it? Thanks so much for delivering! The Ogre’s even napped on it and declared it good.

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