Days 3 and 4…

Because I have fibromyalgia, I sometimes take much longer to get things done than I would like.  Nonetheless, slow and steady does get me there!

Again, this isn’t about pretty.  It’s about getting in, getting clean, getting organized.

DAY 3 – Bedroom

What I started with…

What it looked like went I went to bed..









DAY 4 – Entry


And after…










Obviously today has not been the most productive of days.  However, I did manage to make a few snowflakes for my token winter decorating!











And the Ogre and I came to a concensus regarding paint color – which is a small miracle in and off itself!  We’ve decided on green in the living room, yellow in the entry, and turquoise in the closet mudroom.  The following picture is from Benjamin Moore’s Color Gallery -Luisburg Green, Light Yellow and Turquoise Powder with Stone White for the stairwell and trim.

After living in beige for years, and “graduating” to taupe, I can’t believe we’re actually going to go for bright shiny little pastels!

The paint will be delivered next week (landlord is purchasing), and I’m going to start with the closet mudroom.  There’s a shelf to be made, a coffee table to be repurposed as a bench and, of course, painting.  I’m hoping that will be next weekend.

But for now, I’ll take my cue from the tortoise and move slow and steady.

I’ll get there.


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