Seasonal Decorating

I’ve never been much for seasonal decorating.  It’s always seemed to me to be much effort and expense for little gain.

I’ve recently rethought that position.  Since planning to move to our new rental, I realized that I’ve always thought of where we live to be temporary – not as someplace to really settle in and celebrate.  However, we’ve lived in this same city for 7 years – and have no plans to move on.

Now is the only time we have.  Right now is where I live and breathe.  Today is where the Ogre and I exist.  And that, in itself, deserves celebrating.

I’ve also realized that I really do like the idea of celebrating many things.  I’m not a fan of winter and the cold, but I did want to acknowledge that it is, indeed winter.

I followed a tutorial from to make 3 different sized snowflakes, strung them together with white thread and hung them in the small window in the entry. 

This is as far as I’m going to take the “Winter” decorating this year.  Partially because I’m not done with the unpacking and partially because I’ve decided to get the fundamentals in place BEFORE I go nuts with the decorating.

This little window and the door beside it will be my “celebration” location.  The snowflakes will stay until January 31st.

Then, I’ll replace them with a DIY wreath for Valentine’s Day.

The wreath was made by following See You There’s how-to (  I mounted it on a wire clothes hanger that I wrangled into a circular shape.  The hearts were drawn free-hand on craft foam, cut and glued on with my glue gun.  The pink navettes were added for extra bling.

Because February is still winter, once Valentine’s Day is over, it’ll be back to the snowflakes…. at least until I decide what to do for St. Patrick’s Day!




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