Working on the mudroom…

After VERY carefully measuring my space (three times, just in case), I had a friend of the Ogre’s cut my pine board supports.  He even planed them for me!  Sometimes people can be so very generous, don’t you think?

The mdf shelf I had was a scant 1/4″ too long for the space, so I didn’t send it to him – just sanded the living daylights out of each end.

The shelf and side supports are ready to be primed, but I need to glue and screw the back support.  The plan is to have the two 3 3/8″ wide boards butt joined width-wise.  That will give me the room I need to attach my fancy-dancy wrought iron hooks (which I’ll be picking up at the Dollarama for $1.50 each).

The glueing will have to wait until I either find my wood glue (which is in a box SOMEWHERE in this house) or break down and buy some more.

Since I’m at a temporary standstill for the shelve pieces, I thought I’d start sanding the coffee table that is going to form the bench bottom.  I discovered that the vibration of an orbital sander really isn’t very good for my hands.  I can only manage about a half hour at a time before my hands start to swell up and become stiff.  Because of this, a short job is going to have to be spread out over a longer period of time.  Fortunately, I can move on to other things!

I managed to finish the bench cushion yesterday.  For those who know me in the real world, I’ll answer the question before it’s asked.  “No, I did not use my sewing machine(s).  They are still in boxes.  I hand sewed.  So there! ;)”

I started out with two of the cushions from the sofa we DIDN’T move to this house.  Seeing the fabric, I think you’ll understand why.  To make it even worse, the sofa had a waterfall back!

Horrid fabric - but a comfy 5" deep!

If you look closely,  you can also see the toes of the pair of socks my Dad knit for me years ago.  In his own words “They’re very ugly”.   Somehow the variagated yarn ended up blotching together on one foot, but not the other.  So they really are sort of ugly.  Still, they keep my footsies warm in the basement!

Back to the icky cushions…

I removed the covers and cut out the really long zippers.  I can reuse those on other projects.

Under the "designer" fabric

I glued them together lengthwise, removed the polyfill cover and cut the result down to 44″ X 22″ .  This will end up being a bit longer than the table top, but will fill in the space in the closet better.  We won’t be able to sit at the very ends of the table due to walls, so I think it’s ok to go a bit bigger.

Measured but not cut - and another view of socks!

After the cut, I covered them with a layer of fresh polyfill to soften the edges and fill in the slight gap where I had joined them.

Polyfill cover

I didn’t think to photograph the next step, because, really, who wants to see me sitting cross legged on my couch hand stitching?  But this is what I did.

Because I’m occasionally fearless, I didn’t make a pattern.  I pinned the velvet directly to the foam and wrapped it up as if it were a present.  Then I cut off the excess and started stitching.  It’s not a removable cover, since I actually ended up tacking the fabric to the foam, but it will be easy to snip a few stitches and remove the fabric for washing.  If I do that, I might actually cave in and use a machine next time – but no promises.

Here’s the finished cushion on the coffee table.  It’s a fairly close representation of the color – a rich, deep, almost black, chocolate brown.  Yummy, isn’t it?

Finished cushion

I’ve done a preliminary sanding on the table top, but won’t be doing any more of that tonight.

I do really prefer to finish one thing at a time, but I think I’m going to have to learn to let that go with this house.  There are things out of my control (like the landlord’s timing on delivering the paint), physical limitations (like hands that don’t always do what I tell them to!) and, most importantly, other demands on my time.

This is going to be a learning process on a personal level as well, I think!


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