It’s not a problem, it’s a chance for self-expression!

I spent lunch hour today at Fabricland.  I have had a $25 gift certificate burning a hole in my purse for an entire month now!  I’ve been holding off until we made the move, and I had some sense of what I wanted to purchase fabric for. And, wonder of wonders, Fabricland had a 75% off sale going on!

I entered the store with a mission.  Cute turquiose/chocolate/yellow/green fabric to make pillows for the mudroom bench.  I’d even take any two of the four colors in combination.

I came out empty handed.

No, I didn’t cry.

But I sort of wanted to.

I can SEE the pillows in my head.  They’re beautiful.  Honest, they are.  Bright and cheerful with an element of fun.  Or maybe they’re grown-up and elegant.  (Sometimes my head gets diametrically opposed opinions.)

I trudged back to my car.  Literally trudged.  Dragging my feet in defeat.  It wasn’t pretty.

On the way back to the office, I had a wonderful thought!  Instead of finding the perfect fabric, I could MAKE it!  (in my copious amounts of spare time, of course).

I’ve hatched a scheme.  Next trip (which just may be lunchtime tomorrow), I’m going to purchase metres and metres of unbleached cotton.  I can use it in so many places in the house, and for the underlay in my dance costuming, so it certainly won’t be wasted.  I’ll wash it, dry it, pet it, love it, call it George.

I’ll cut it into the appropriate shapes and PAINT it!

Surely I’ll have paint left over from the walls.  I can mix that with fabric medium.  Then I’ll have EXACTLY the colors I want.

So, add project 943 to my list.

And another chance at self-expression.




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