Saturday Shenanigans!

I have a Monday-Friday day job, and teach or study dance 2-3 nights a week.  Saturday and Sunday tend to be the days I catch up on my sleep and housework (you know, those tedious but necessary things!)  They are also the only times I’m home during winter daylight hours – which explains a lot of the condition of my photos, even if I am learning how to work in lower light conditions!  (Reading the manual and purchasing a tripod have REALLY helped!)

I think I’ve mentioned before that the Ogre works shifts.  7 evenings on/ 2 days off, 7 midnights on/ 5 days off.  He works 12 hour shifts both days for two weekends, then has the third weekend fall on his 5 day off schedule.  This weekend, he’s on midnights – 12am to 12pm.

This gives me “windows” for different kinds of activities.  Prior to noon on Saturday and Sunday, he’s not home, so I can be as noisy as required.  Then, there’s a 2-3 hour block when he’s home, but tired and hungry, so that’s really time we just spend together.  Once he falls asleep, I’ve got a block of as much as 8 hours when I can do more quiet things or run weekend errands.

That means that I only had a few hours today for the noisy things on my project list.  Here’s the list, so you don’t have to jump to that page!

  • Re-arrange living and dining room furniture, unpack all books and boxes.
  • Sand, prime and paint shelving and bench for mudroom
  • Coo over paint that’s going to be delivered by landlord!
  • Prep mudroom closet for painting – first coat?
  • Weekend chores and errands

I was able to re-arrange the living and dining room area this morning before he came home.  I started on the boxes, and realized that I’d just have to repack or move them out of the room when I paint in a few weeks.  There’s nothing in the boxes that we can’t live without – in fact, the accessories look really forlorn and lost in this mess of a place.  So, that project got removed from the list.

I’ve already done a fair amount of sanding on the shelving and bench.  All that’s left is a few swipes with a sanding sponge.  While tedious, it’s not noisy, so I was good to go for that while he slept.  And, even though I really, really wanted to jump up and down at getting TONS of new paint today, I kept the excitement internalized.  OK, there were a few happy dances, but only to music in my head.

Here’s a pictoral partial progress report on the living/dining area.  Let’s start with the “before”, shall we?

So, I moved things.  And swept.  It still isn’t pretty, but it’s one step closer!

Of course, as soon as I moved everything, I decided that the “library” and the “living” areas needed to be reversed.  I didn’t change anything as the painting will happen within the next 2 weeks and we don’t actually USE this room for more than the table.  I’m going to try my hand at photoshopping an end result before I move things – just to see if my vision can work and to iron out some of the wrinkles I can see in doing the reversal.

My wonderful landlord just dropped by – and left me a few presents.

Unfortunately, the Benjamin Moore location he purchases at had just run out of the base for the Turquoise Powder that I’m planning to use in the mudroom closet.  It’ll be a few more days before I’ll have that.  Still, there’s primer and a new trim brush!  Plus the paint for the shelving and bench.  I’ll be able to proceed with those now.

And, yes, I did do a little happy dance.  In the basement.  To music no-one else can hear.  There may or may not have been fist pumping.

The Ogre’s sound asleep now, so I’m off to run errands.  Once I’m back, I’ll be sanding and priming  the wooden pieces for the mudroom.  And watching action/thriller/horror movies while I do it.  ‘Cause I’m such a girl.


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