Sunday’s Synopsis!

Time certainly does speed by.  We’ve already been in this townhouse for two whole weeks!  Last week, I went back to work after taking some vacation time to get all of the ducks in a row here.  But that didn’t stop me from blogging!  In fact, I made a commitment to myself to post every. single. day.  And I’ve done that – even when I haven’t had too darn much to show or say!

So here’s the synopsis of the week…

On Monday,  I posted about making the cushion for the mudroom bench.  It’s really a beautiful chocolate brown.  Since completion, it’s been sitting on the living room couch, waiting patiently for me to get the base ready.

Tuesday saw a fruitless trip to Fabricland.  I was looking for the perfect fabric to make a pillow or two to sit on the mudroom bench, but didn’t find a darn thing.  Inspiration struck on my way back to work and I realized that I could paint fabric to make what I envision.  On Wee Wallet Wednesday, I managed to purchase a really nice, thick, ivory/off-white tone on tone brocade that will paint up VERY nicely.  I managed to get 5 meters and only parted with $3.25 from my wallet!

Thursday, I re-designed the blog and created a Project Calendar to keep me on track.  Friday wasn’t a very productive day, but I did manage to take a really nice picture of a snowy tree!  I also worked on my “Spring” wreath and created a few carboard roll flowers that I need to figure out how to paint.  There’ll be a tutorial for the flowers once I get it all under control.

Yesterday, I did get a few things done.  The living/dining area is much more livable now.   I managed to get the mudroom shelving and bench sanded and primed.  My wonderfully responsive landlord brought over 10(!) cans of paint.  Unfortately, he wasn’t able to get the Turquoise Powder that I’ll be using in the mudroom.

Which brings me to today.  Obviously, the original plan of painting the mudroom had to be scrapped.  However, I did need to take the time to prep the area.  There were a few holes that needed patching, some poorly placed trim that needed to come down and a sliding door track that needed to be removed before I could get serious about the priming.  Sometimes, it seems that there’s just soooo much prep work, doesn’t there?  Skipping it, though, leaves you with the kind of mess you’re seeing in my before pictures – and that just doesn’t work for me!

While waiting for the patched holes to dry, I scraped off the various labels and stickers the previous tenants and their children had put on the front door.  There’s a fair amount of residue that needs to be worked on, but today wasn’t the day to get at that.

I’ve been busy all weekend, but really don’t feel that I have very much to show for it!

The entry is going to stay like this for most of the next week, I think.  I teach Tuesday and Wednesdy, and take a class on Thursday.  Friday, we’re having family for dinner.  I may be able to get a few things done on Saturday before our friends coome over, but that’s about the earliest I think I’ll be able to move forward.  I don’t expect to get the Turquoise paint much before Thursday.

To celebrate getting this far, though, I changed out my winter decorating in the entry window to my heart wreath on the door.

(Please ignore the adhesive residue.  I’ll get to that – it’s on the list!)


One thought on “Sunday’s Synopsis!

  1. Liz, I had to laugh out loud at your comment! I appreciate your honesty! : )

    You’ve got a lot of potentional in your new place. We just downsized a few months ago from New York {Long Island} to Ohio to a condo {ranch style} with my hubby’s job. It’s been interesting trying to fit my existing pieces in and then figuring out what I need that can provide good looks and storage. I’ve got a few things on our list of “to do” projects and, hopefully, we will get to those jobs soon.

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