It’s not pool season!

Because it is, most definitely, not pool season, my local Dollarama isn’t carrying pool noodles right now.  Which makes perfect sense.  Really, it does.  Except that I wanted a pool noodle to form the base for a door wreath.  And getting a pool noodle anywhere else would mean a trip out of my way somewhere.  Or more money.  Or both.  And the Canadian Tire didn’t have pipe insulation, so I was out of luck.

What’s a girl to do?

Well, apparently, even though it’s not pool season, it IS garden and camping season.  (huh? – it’s January!)  Which meant that camping mats were available.  These are 19.5″ X 70.75″ strips of very thin foam.  One mat for $2.  Not a pool noodle, but maybe I can make a base anyway?  Hmmm….

In packaging…Cut in half so I have a 35.5(ish)” X 19.5″ strip…I have a glue gun and I’m NOT afraid to use it!!!

WOW!  I made a pool noodle… for a very, very small person…

But it has a seam…  this crookedy, icky seam…(The seam is crooked because I rushed and got one too many burn.  I just wanted it glued!  I may not be afraid of my hot glue gun, but I’m not overly skilled at using it!

I didn’t roll the foam tightly enough.  See the bubbly bits?

However, the size isn’t too bad…

So I covered it with fabric…And I’m not happy with it.  The idea is sound, but the end result really sort of falls flat.  Fortunately, there’s enough foam left for me to try again with.  If I don’t rush it, and roll the foam more evenly, I might get a better result.  In aid of that, I’m starting it off with a wire running along what will be the inside of the roll.

It could work.  Or I could just go to Toys’r’Us and get a darned pool noodle…


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