Wee Wallet Wednesday!

For those of us with more taste than budget.  I won’t be putting a price limit on Wee Wallet Wednesday’s, simply because there are so many different price ranges to be explored!

Today’s example comes from Monday’s fail.  Obviously, since I put all the effort into trying to make a pool noodle wreath (without using a pool noodle), I’m rather hesitant to throw out the result.  Even if it is ugly and misshapen.

There’s also another wreath I’ve been working on that just isn’t living up to expectations.  Between the two, though, I just might be able to have a pretty spring wreath!

I’m fortunate enough that I have a glass/screen door in front of my front door.  Because of this, the wreath on my front door isn’t subjected to the elements on a full time basis.  That gives me a few more options.

The first step was to make the fabric covered base more sturdy and green.  Since I didn’t want to sink more $$ into this, I used 2″ wide painter’s tape that was close at hand.

It already looks better!  It’s also a lot sturdier and will be less prone to sagging out of shape.

Then, I gave it a coat of Crayola’s Pearl it!  This was a Dollarama score at $2.  It’s meant to be mixed in with craft paint, but my craft paint supply is still in boxes somewhere.  So I braved it and just went with the pearl medium on it’s own.  This adds a bit of pearly sheen (’cause I’m ALL about bling!).  It also provides a bit of protection to the painter’s tape from the elements.

While that was drying, I cut the long grass strands from the paper roll wreath.   The grasses are plastic, but very delicate.  Each stalk cost me $1 at the Dollarama or $.99 at the Salvation Army.  In all, I had 3  yellow and 3 green on hand.

I started out just applying the green.

But it looked rather sparse…

So I added the yellow…

Pin It

And called it done.  I’ll embellish it more before hanging it, I’m sure but, for now, it’s a pretty decent and cheap spring wreath base.

Cost breakdown-

Failed pool noodle wreath – 1/2 of a $2 camper mat – $1.00

6 strands of grass – $6.00

Painter’s tape – about $1.00 worth

Crayola Pearl it! – $2.00 – and I used less than 1/20th of the bottle

Wire and hot glue – from my stash… but would cost $2.00 at Dollarama.

There you have it.  If I went out right now to purchase everything to make it, I’d spend approximately $12.  Since it was all here in my living room, it was, effectively, FREE!

I like free.

– – –

Of course, it was only AFTER I thought I had created something new that I realized Allison at House of Hepworths had done a spring/summer grass wreath.  Check it out here.  Hers even has pinwheels!

I’d really love to see your comments on the projects I do and the ideas I have.  I learn more from critiques than praise, but, honestly, I adore praise (and who doesn’t?).

Thanks for stopping by.


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