Computer repairs… sort of

Thursday evening was supposed to find me in paint spattered clothing, patching holes in my first floor hallway.  However, life has thrown a monkey wrench of sorts, and I’ll be wearing paint spattered clothing while working on the innards of two computers.

I am not a computer expert, but I do know how to strip down and rebuild a box.  I can swap a hard drive with the best of them.

But I neither have the tools, the inclination or the knowledge to mess about with my latest computer issue.  I have a flashing red light where my power button indicators are.  And I have NO idea what that means.  The power supply to the board is good.  All of the wires seem to be connected properly… but it still won’t power on.

My budget won’t allow for a new computer right now.  There are some personal and, quite possibly, professional changes in the very near future.  And that means keeping money IN my bank account, thank you very much, Sir.

In the spirit of DIY’ing, I’m going to do my best to cobble something together out of what I have!

We’re fortunate enough to be a three computer family.  The Ogre’s system and mine were purchased refurbished, and the “entertainment” system was frankensteined out of bits and pieces from older systems.  We live on our own personal systems, but the entertainment one is very rarely used.  I feel mostly OK about cannibalizing it.  The fan runs loud in it, but it’s otherwise a fairly decent system.

The first step will be to disconnect the entertainment system from the 42″ flat screen we use as it’s monitor.  From there, it should be a fairly easy job to swap out a hard drive or two, connect it up to my puny little 14″ monitor and be good to go.

I hope.

If I can figure out how to do it, I may even swap a fan out from my current non-functioning desktop to replace the uber-loud one.


I can only make it better, right?  Or, at least, learn something new!  And, sometimes, that’s what it’s all about for me.

Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by.



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