Spray paint is my new best friend!

Today, I overcame my inability to properly use spray paint.  Yes, I KNOW it’s easy.  Well, I know now.

I used one of our moving boxes to keep the over spray in check and went to town!  (It’s not warm enough outside here to use the great outdoors, so I painted in the basement computer/entertainment/craft studio – with the air purifier on high and the window open!)

First, I painted the goblets for the pedestal bowls.

Then I painted the wooden knob for another dome I picked up for $.99 and a set of  Dollarama frames.

And this pretty?  It’s silver plated, and cost me $2.99.  But the plating had rubbed off in spots.  So it got a shot of the hammered metal paint, too.

I got a lot of mileage out of this can of paint.  Even after I messed up a coat on the goblets and had to sand things down and start again, there’s still some left.  And I’m a spray paint convert.

Here’s some shots of the finished projects.  There are no photos in the frame yet, and I haven’t staged anything, but I certainly feel like I’ve accomplished something today.  Since I’ve haven’t touched the chair for a few days, or done laundry or dishes or any of the umptillion other things I SHOULD be doing, I’ll take the little accomplishments I get!

I have plans for the tray holder that involve a lighting fixture.  Believe it.

Once everything dries and has a few hours to cure a bit more, I’ll be gluing the domes into the goblets to finish off the pedestals.  Hopefully, I’ll have a reveal tomorrow!

I’d really love to see your comments on the projects I do and the ideas I have.  I learn more from critiques than praise, but, honestly, I adore praise (and who doesn’t?).

Thanks for stopping by!


One thought on “Spray paint is my new best friend!

  1. I am impressed! Looks like a great job – no runs or drips. I will begin the spay paint fun myself. No place for me to work but outside. Looks like you had a great time, the box is your own spray booth. Keep up the good work!

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