Reupholstered chair… Muslin for the seat!

With the back, boxing strip and front all fitted, it’s time to move on to fitting the seat.  My fabric isn’t quite shaped the right way to do this all in one fell swoop, so the seat will have to have a boxing strip as well.  It’s a little more work than I had wanted to do, but the end result will be worth it, I think.

Apparently, though, I need to first award myself the “Bad Blogger Award”.  I could have sworn I took photos of this process!  Honest, I could.

But, there are no photos to be found.  So here’s the wordage for the pinning process.  With no pretty pictures.  Darn.

First, I cut three pieces of fabric for the boxing strip and seamed them together.  Once this was done, I pinned the boxing strip in place.  The strip needs a few extra inches in width in order to be stapled to the underside of the chair.

It took a little time to get it on and even, but then it was on to the next step.  I tucked a goodly amount of fabric between the seat and the chair to make sure it has enough there to stay put once it’s all completed.  Then I laid the fabric on the seat and started pinning – just as I did for everything else!

After the pinning, I marked the seam line with marker again.

Everything got unpinned and the seat fabric removed from the boxing strip.  I cut it with the seam 1/2″ seam allowance, folded in half and evened it out.

Then the seat and the boxing strip got pinned together and sewn.  I haven’t mentioned this, but I pin from the curved fabric – either the back, the front or the seat, but I ALWAYS sew from the “straight” side – the boxing strip.

And here is where the pictures start…

With all of it sewn together, it was time to fit it to the seat and make sure that everything works together before I staple the heck out of it.  To be absolutely honest, though, it was first time to sew it a bit smaller.  Somehow, I made it about a half inch too large.


Then, I brought out the stapler.  I’ve had this electric stapler for years, but so seldom get the chance to use it!

I started at the center front of the seat and worked from the center out – both sides at the same time.  Basically, I stapled center front, then a staple to both the left and right of center.  From here, I worked out to the legs going from left to right equally.

When I got to the legs, I turned the excess under just until I went around the corner.  I did need to snip the allowance so that it all lay flat.  I did each side just as I had done the front – from the center working my way out to the legs.

Then it was time to staple the back.  Again, I worked from the center to the legs.

There was a tiny bit that needed hand sewing, so I took care of that.

And then, I did a very happy dance!  Muslin done!!!!  Doesn’t it look fab???

But it’s not the end of the work.  There’s the stretch velvet to cover the whole thing.  And embellishments!  Gotta have some bling.  I thought about pearls, but then I found these opalescent glass beads in my stash.  Yummy!

Velvet with glass beads

I have a few ideas for some dressmaking draping on the back of this beauty, but we’ll have to see how that works out.

I’d really love to see your comments on the projects I do and the ideas I have.  I learn more from critiques than praise, but, honestly, I adore praise (and who doesn’t?).

Thanks for stopping by.


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