Best laid plans of mice and men…

I had plans today.  Big plans.  Plans to clean my entire house as well as mess it up again by filling the last of the holes in the living room walls and priming.

But, as we all know, things don’t always go as planned.

So, today has become a couch day.  A day of leisure, reflection and, most likely, bad movies.  A day spent with the Ogre, with both of us just feeling sort of yucky.

I’m not sure if I’m more frustrated that I’m ill on a day off, or thankful that I don’t have anywhere I HAVE to be or anything I MUST do for other folks.

I think I’ll chose to be thankful.  And to take full advantage of the gentle nudge insistence of the Universe that I take today off.

Tomorrow will be a different day.

I’d really love to see your comments on the projects I do and the ideas I have.  I learn more from critiques than praise, but, honestly, I adore praise (and who doesn’t?).

Thanks for stopping by.


3 thoughts on “Best laid plans of mice and men…

  1. Oh just enjoy your day. Sorry you are feeling a little yucky, but do enjoy the time off and rest. I hope you have a very Blessed Easter. Hugs, Marty

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