Almost there…

It feels like forever.  It truly does.  But when I look at the calendar, it says I’ve lived here for less than three months.  And, as of yesterday, I mostly finished the third room on my first floor.  That’s a room a month – if I can count my closet mudroom.  Trust me, I’m counting it!  It may be small, but it did take me time.

However, this is not a mudroom post.  It’s not a hallway post.  It’s not even a post about projects or upholstery or wreaths or other pretty and decorative things.

This, my friends, is a post about the trials and tribulations of getting my living room turned into and actual, oh my goodness, living room!

Here’s where I started.

Yeah, that really is deep chocolate brown with filler in the biggest of the holes.  AND, let’s not forget the lovely pinky beige that was on the other walls.  Not my most favorite combination of colors, honestly.

However, it kept the rain off.  And there was enough room for the furniture, if I placed it all carefully.  It stayed this way for just over two months while I got the mudroom and hallway done.

Then, I had ENOUGH!  I walked past this room every. single. day.  Past it.  Not through it.  Not into it.  Past it.  What a colossal waste of a perfectly good space.

Last weekend, I managed to get three of the six walls in here finished, but for trim and some sort of “something” along the ceiling line.  I did the Dining Room area first.  Basically, I shoved all of the furniture into the living area and filled holes, primed and painted.  Over this last week, I moved all of that same furniture into the dining area so the living room space would be free.

I was fortunate enough to have a 4 day weekend for Easter.  Friday was spent being mostly under the weather.  Not quite what I had planned, but necessary I suppose.

The work started on Saturday.  There were less holes in the walls, thankfully, so the prepping went pretty smoothly.  However, I was still subject to Ogre Enforced rest periods.  Which, given how I felt when I got up Sunday morning was a very good thing!

I just had one coat of the green left to paint when disaster hit!  My roller frame broke.  My ONLY roller frame.  And I couldn’t figure out how to jury-rig it.  It was just after store hours, too, so there was no chance of running out and getting another one.

I told myself it would be OK.  I’d just run out early Sunday morning.

But it was Easter Sunday.  And shops were closed.  (Yes, Ogre, you were right.  Darn.)

So I trundled home and stared at the roller frame.  And I jury-rigged it.  It took until mid-afternoon for the glue to dry enough to set up.   During that time, I worked on tablecloth curtains, ginger jar lamps with shades, and home-made finials – all to be revealed in due time!

As soon as I thought the roller sturdy enough, I tried again with the paint.  I just needed it to be strong enough to get one last coat on the walls.

And it WAS!

With that last coat on, I waited another few hours before starting the trim.  Two coats of paint later, and I called it done for the day.  It ran much later than I had hoped, and I was still under Ogre Time Management!

So, I settled for planning the detail between wall and ceiling.  I wanted something that would minimize the impact of the popcorn ceiling.  The easy way out would have been to just tape off a half inch from the ceiling on the wall, and paint it white.  That would have been easy.

Has anyone mentioned that I’m not about easy?  Easy is boring.  I seem to be all about challenging.  You know, the kind of project you get far enough into that you can’t turn back and wonder what the heck you were thinking.  Yep.  That kind of challenging.  But, more about that later!

Now, for the mid-project reveal.  Here is my living room – just as it is at this exact moment.  (Why does it have to look worse before it can be better?)

Still to be done?  Well…

Obviously, I need to finish the trim in the areas of the room hidden by the mess in the dining room.  There’s also the detail I have planned for the mess where the ceiling and walls meet.  The floor and patio doors need a very, very thorough cleaning.

Once that’s done, it’s on to the fun stuff!  Furniture re-arranging, bookcase staging… the actual decorating and embellishing.  I think THAT’S why I wanted this room done so badly.  The mudroom and hall are mostly static areas – really not a lot of room for growth or change.  A living/dining area however has all of those lovely surfaces!  Tables, consoles, bookcases… all begging to be adorned!

I’ll be working on this room throughout the week.  Hopefully, I’ll have some pretty reveal photos for you next weekend.

I’d really love to see your comments on the projects I do and the ideas I have.  I learn more from critiques than praise, but, honestly, I adore praise (and who doesn’t?).

Thanks for stopping by.

Stores are all closed today… which is less than optimal for me! So, I’ve jury-rigged my paint roller.

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