Bookcase Week – Part Three

When we last saw our heros, they had been glued together and some lovely fabric had been decoupaged to the inner back.  At that point, I walked away to let them dry thoroughly.

Note for posterity – I did not find Wellbond to be a good glue for this.  While trimming the fabric, it lifted in FAR too many spots.  So I glued it with Gorilla Wood Glue.  THAT’ll hold it forever!

A few hours days later, the glue had dried, I had trimmed the fabric fairly neatly and everything got wiped down with a damp cloth before painting.  Time for the paint experiment to begin!


The blogosphere has been abuzz with raves about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for quite some time now.  ASCP is designed to give a historical, velvety finish that can be used as a basis for gilding and other embellishment or distressing.  I’m not a big fan of distressed furniture, but I do like the idea of a nice velvety finish.

For almost as long as ASCP has been the “in” thing, there have been various diy recipes available.  A Google search pulls up dozens!  Regardless of which you use, the recipe is fairly close to this:

1 part plaster of paris to 2 parts paint


That’s it.  Three ingredients.  Other recipes use unsanded grout, baking soda or calcium carbonate instead of the plaster, but it’s still only 3 ingredients!

I started by mixing the plaster of paris with cold water until I had a smooth, creamy liquid.  Then I poured it into the paint and mixed well.  (I used an empty paint can here, since it’s what I had around!)  I didn’t take pictures, since the tutorials that abound are much more informative than I intend to be here!

I don’t have sawhorses, so I used planks to hold the cases and the shelves off the floor.  This let me paint all surfaces without having to move them.  I even thought to put a drop cloth down first! 😉

1st Coat

Two coats later and almost as much paint on me as on the bookcases, they were looking like this.

2nd Coat

I’m not sure if they look splotchy because they’re drying or because of the lighting, or because they’re splotchy!  Once they’ve dried, I’ll be better able to see if they need a third coat.

Regardless, the Billy’s are next in line.  I’ll spare you the photo of the pile-o-books that almost hides the couch.  At least, I’ll spare you for a while!

I’d really love to see your comments on the projects I do and the ideas I have.  I learn more from critiques than praise, but, honestly, I adore praise (and who doesn’t?).

Thanks for stopping by.


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