It’s All Over But The Accessorizing!

I am now the proud DIY-er of a mostly finished living room.  Finished enough that I would invite people to visit without panic!

‘Nuff said.  Here it is.  Unfortunately all of these are evening shots – but I really wanted to show everyone the almost finished project!

If you were sitting on my sofa, this is what you would see across the room.

I’ve posted the bookcases before, but this time, there are a few pretties on them!

The Ogre’s “Portable” and a copy of “The Everyday Reference Library”.

Vintage “Tom Swift” Juveniles, a huge aloe vera given to me by a good friend and the mercury glass globe I blogged about here.

A pretty little lamp I redid, candle holders and some cloches I made from cheese domes.   They’re empty, because I have NO idea of what to put in them yet!  The little red and gold bird is a hummingbird ornament I received from a co-worker last Christmas.

This Ogre’s chair is on the left.  Even though it’s smaller and more streamlined than the other, it’s a perfect fit for him.  Nice and firm, roomy, and right in front of a lamp if he chooses to read!

I get the big comfy chair on the right side.  There is lighting behind me if I wanted to read, but the chair is poised perfectly to see out of the patio doors into the garden that I’m hoping to create!

The cloche on the table was hacked from an anniversary clock and a decorative planter urn.  It’s amazing what some Gorilla Glue and a bit of paint can achieve, isn’t it?  Right now, the cloche is holding a pretty little card my Mom sent me.

From our chairs, we can see this…

The two black chairs in the back are from the dining room and may not stay where they are now.  However, until I get the dining area done, they’ve got at least a temporary home!

I didn’t think that the console table I finished for this room worked properly behind the sofa.  It was a bit too short and not quite long enough.  So I switched plans and used the Malm headboard and bookcases that were going to live in the dining room.  It’s long enough to let me use the two large ginger jar lamps with ease!  I’ll eventually do the paper bag technique on the top of the piece and paint the remainder, but it looks fine for right now!

I haven’t hung any art or mirrors yet.  That will wait until I get a better sense of where I want things to go.  We don’t have a lot of art at the moment, so it may be sparse for a time.  Sparse or not, I think the room works now.

I still need to get to the paint touch ups and the coffee table and side table will need refinishing.  Still, it’s a good place to be.  Even the cat approves!

There you have it.  Done… almost.

I’ve got a lot more to do in the next month, but it will be so nice to walk down the hall to this every day.  My iPod dock is here, but there are NO other electronics.  Candles, plants, music and books.  There’s a recipe for relaxation, all right!

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I’d really love to see your comments on the projects I do and the ideas I have.  I learn more from critiques than praise, but, honestly, I adore praise (and who doesn’t?).

Thanks for stopping by.


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