A room of her own…

The Ogre and I are fortunate enough to be renting a lovely little three bedroom townhome with a “finished” basement space.  It’s not a large home, but there is just the two of us and the cat (can’t EVER forget the cat!).

The basement has become our “everything” space.  Computers, tv, a crafting area for me next to the area I store my tools and supplies – we do it all in this room.

Which leaves the main floor free for a sitting room and dining area.  The kitchen lives here as well.

On the second floor where the bedrooms are, there’s an abundance of rooms!  Our bedroom (which needs decorating badly!), the second bedroom which will be a guest room and a third room, which currently houses unpacked boxes and kitty litter.

That last room is the smallest of the three, but it’s not tiny.  It’s going to make a terrific design/sewing/craft studio.  It’s right at the top of the stairs, so it’s the perfect room to have any clients in for fittings (belly dance costuming).  It has a southern exposure so the single window lets in tons of lovely daylight.  (Not that I’ll be in there during the day often, but it is a consideration!)  Most importantly, it’s large enough for me to set up lots of table space!

The people who know me in the real world know that I work in the “living room”.  I feel disconnected from everything when I hide myself away for long stretches of time – and I could miss something important!

Nonetheless, if I don’t use it for a craft room, it won’t get used at all.  That’s just a major waste.  So, it will mostly be used for storage, and to set up the sewing machine I rarely use!  I definitely need the storage – and making a pretty room will make it much more likely that I’ll actually use it more frequently.  It will also be less distracting, so I may be more productive!  Or, at the very least, more organized.

The previous tenants removed many of the folding doors in this home.  I think they were protecting little fingers!  The doors are stored in the furnace room here.  There are far more than the home actually needs, for some reason.  Maybe doors got replaced over time?

Anyway, there are two sets of folding hollow core doors that measures a whopping 18″ X78″ per panel.  There is also two sets measuring 11.5″ X 78″ per panel.  With the appropriate supports, one of the larger sets will give me an L-shaped table with one leg of the L running at 96″ and the other at 78″.  The second set, which is more decorative is destined to be something else, but I’m not sure what yet!

The smaller doors will make terrific shelves.  Wall mounted, of course!

Using Homestyler , I came up with a tentative plan for the placement of furniture in this room.  I then copied the image into Paint.net and tweaked it a tiny bit.

I’m thinking of trying to find a daybed or twin bed to put against the wall on the left.  Just a nice place to curl up and read or nap when the creativity wears me out!

It’s going to be months before I tackle this room.  The living/dining room need to be finished, and the guest room MUST be done before the last week in June when my Mom comes to visit.  I’m thinking the timeline will be July/August.

But it’s good to have a plan.  Well, sort of a plan.  You just KNOW it’s going to change between now and then, don’t you?

I’d really love to see your comments on the projects I do and the ideas I have.  I learn more from critiques than praise, but, honestly, I adore praise (and who doesn’t?).

Thanks for stopping by.


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