Living and Dining Areas – Take Two!

Actually, the title is mildly misleading.  There’s nothing really changed in the living room, but I’m now more comfortable showing all of it!  You see, I hid the dining area portion because it was a paint-splattered disaster.

However, after some cleaning and touch-ups, the room is ready to be seen.  I haven’t hung any art yet… mostly because I really don’t know what I want to hang.  I think we may just live with the blank walls for a while and be thankful that they are not flesh-toned beige and chocolate brown!  (As they were when we moved in!)

Let’s start with the hallway and the line of sight that currently exists, shall we?  First impressions always count, don’t they?

This shot was taken at lunchtime – hence the streaming light through the patio door!  If you take even one more step forward, the view expands…

The curtains on the patio window are actually twin sheets from Walmart!  The swag is a $3.99 table cloth from the Salvation Army.  I simply cut the tablecloth lengthwise and pinned and knotted it around the dowel curtain rod.

The line of sight continues.

From here you can see the tripod garden ornament I made.  It’s three aluminum tubes attached near the top with wire.  From the wired portion, I hung the sunburst candle holder given to me by a friend years ago.  The orange candle holder is from The Dollarama.  I picked up several more for the patio table, as well.  The raised bed was jury-rigged from pavers the previous tenants left behind.  I built around the stump of a HUGE apple tree that was very jaggedly cut off.  By covering it up, I’m hoping to ignore it!  Next year, I’ve a plan to make a far more planned out bed here.

By the time you get to see all of this, you are into the living room.  I hope the line of sight actually pulled you to this point before you even noticed.

Now that we’re here, lets look around, shall we?

The ginger lamps with pleated shades came from the Salvation Army.  The lamps were a 1980’s peach – with a flower decal.  Several coats of spray paint later, and they fit this decade much better!  The shades were originally beige, so they got a few coats of charcoal paint.  I added a small detail to the lamp finial in order to make them a tad more interesting.

I happened upon two of these pendents and they were the perfect fit for the circular portion.  I used wire to attach, then touched it all up with some silver paint.  They don’t sparkle, but they do add a bit more detail.

Behind the couch, I now have the Malm Hadboard.  (and some stacked artwork I’m not sure of placement on!)

The spires are from Winners, as is the center candle holder.  (I blogged about that candle holder here!)  Flanked by the hammered pewter pedastal bowls, it looks right at home here.

If you turn to your right now, and have a seat, you’ll see this.

The coffee table is another Salvation Army find.  I’ll be re-finishing it when I have the chance, but it works well to ground the sitting area right now.  Don’t mind Aphrael… she’s engrossed watching very big screen kitty tv!

I’ve used a curtain made by my Mom as a base for my Salvation Army candle holders and the cloche I made from an anniversary clock and a small urn (also purchased from the local Salvation Army).  The card inside the cloche is from my Mom and Dad.

The book was a house warming gift from my dance teacher, Joan.  The plants live in a Salvation Army planter that I found exactly the way you see it!  How perfect, no?

This is the Ogre’s chair.  He’ll NEVER use that throw, but it looks better there than on mine!  I knit the cotton yarn throw years ago and it’s just right for curling up under during cool spring and summer evenings.

This little bookcase is the perfect place to display a few cloches.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what to put in them!  The lamp was a Salvation Army find.  When I got it, it was verdigris painted, but the black suits my taste better.

This little lovely came from a co-worker as a Christmas gift.  She’s so beautiful, I had to have her out year round instead of just at Christmas!

When I did the bookcases, I tried to create a lower level for display.  In future, I’m hoping for a fireplace and mantle here!  Until then, though, I have an extra wall-like surface.  Perfect for sconces!

These candle sconces were wired when they leapt into my cart at the S.A.  I ripped the wiring out and screwed them into the sides of the bookcases.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t manage to adjust the arms to allow the candles to be completely vertical.

These books are the Ogre’s – and they are well-read.  The mercury glass sphere was the top of the spire that turned into the candleholder behind the couch!  The vanilla candle was a gift from the Ogre’s youngest sister, and the other candle holder is part of a set given to me by my Southern cousin.  The candle itself came from the local Dollarama, while the aloe vera was a gift from my gardening guru, Roxane.

Here’s the Underwood.  The Ogre’s mother used it when she was at university, and the Ogre learned how to type on it.  The “Every Day Reference Library” beside it is also from his family.  If you take the time to read it, you can learn how to do almost anything!

Here’s the dining area now.  (Right behind my big cushy chair).  Like the couch and chairs, the glass topped table and chairs came from The Good Friends Indeed.  The fruit bowl started life as a ceiling fixture, but wasn’t needed any longer.

Eventually, I’ll strip the back of the glass table top and re-do it.  Right now, the areas that are supported by the base have had the paint scratched off.  I’ve got a few ideas of what I want to do with this, but nothing’s been decided yet!

The Paper Bag Console Table has it’s own little wall here.

The centerpiece is a wall mirror with a silver and gold frame.  A few candles and it’s much more important!  When I’ve finished re-upholstering the hotel chair, it will live here as well.

Here’s the view from the door between the kitchen and dining area.

And there you have it.  My living and dining areas.  It’s taken a four months to get to this state, and there’s still some touch up and molding to be installed where the ceiling and wall meet.

I’m happy with where the room is now.  It’s a nice place to come home to.

I’d really love to see your comments on the projects I do and the ideas I have.  I learn more from critiques than praise, but, honestly, I adore praise (and who doesn’t?).

Thanks for stopping by.


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