The Ogre’s Turn!

You know, there’s are many reasons the Ogre and I are still married.  One of them is that he’s always covered my back when I need it!

I’m banned from the keyboard for a week or so, and, although I have a guest blogger or two, I haven’t gotten my ducks in a row for introductions.  So, he’s stepped in.

Now, you have the distinct priviledge of meeting my Ogre first hand.  I think you’ll see a couple of the reasons I mentioned above as you read.


In place of Wee Wallet Wednesday, our Hostess with the mostess has turned her blog over to me. That’s right, the Ogre has control today…but only because I’ve been allowed to!

Liz has been working now for about 6 months on her various projects. Various projects…something of an understatement for all that she has accomplished. I’m sitting, as I write this, surrounded by the sundries she needs to make things. Some of the rooms in the house, well, let’s just say, I saw Beruit in 1983 and there is a striking resemblance. That said, it never lasts – only as long as it takes to get the room finished.

Yes…there are times I’m tripping over tools and materials and wondering how something got to the place it did. I have two choices at the point…make an Ogreish fuss about it (yelling and hollering) or, what I prefer these days – keeping my mouth shut, moving the offending tool out of the way and just carrying on. Now, there are those who might think I’m doing this simply for marital harmony (they’d be partly right) but there’s an equally valid second reason for zipping my lip.

The results. The results of Liz’s work is impressive. I didn’t get to see this house before we moved in…for which I’m sort of thankful. I know she’s posted before pictures…but friends and neighbours, let me tell you – those pictures don’t even begin to describe the horrors in front of my eyes. It was only because Liz convinced me prior to the move that she could do various projects to make the house comfortable…not just pretty – but Southern comfortable, such as we had in South Carolina, that I went along with it. And the results have been worth every bit of any inconvenience, stubbed toes, bumped head and anything else a construction site can do to you. This house is now our home and it is truly the most comfortable we’ve ever had.

So…Ogre I may be and will continue to be. But even Ogre’s can recognize beauty when it gobsmacks us! I am one Ogre truly thankful for a spouse with a DIY sense and spirit!

I’d really love to see your comments on the projects I do and the ideas I have.  I learn more from critiques than praise, but, honestly, I adore praise (and who doesn’t?).

Thanks for stopping by.


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