Guest Blogger- In Roxane’s Garden (Part 3)

I’m thrilled to be able to introduce you to my friend, creative mentor and gardening guru, Roxane.  She’s helping me out by being a guest blogger while I’m recovering. 

Some things you need to know about Roxane.  She’s absolutely one of the most vibrantly creative people I know.  She’s a Master Seamstress (and makes her living manipulating fabric and thread), a generous hostess and a whiz with her camera.  Her websites are Creative Clothing by Roxane, and Sewing the Titanic.  Please take the time to visit.

Roxane has one of the most exuberant, welcoming gardens I have ever seen.  Have a visit, why don’t you?

Part One of “In Roxane’s Garden”

Part Two of “In Roxane’s Garden”


A lot of that early stuff is wildflowers… or weeds. I hesitate to call wildflowers weeds. At one time my whole flower base consisted of them. Wildflowers become a problem in our enriched gardens because they multiply so quickly and take over. This year I have chosen to concentrate on removing the tall bluebells. They just spread so fast that they strangle the more showy domesticated flowers I have finally been able to grow! The same can be said of the Wood Anemone. I still keep an eye out for Vetch also known as strangleweed. Very pretty little leaves and violet flowers but they creep and wind up the other plants for support and eventually cover them completely, the same way Boston Ivy does on our fences and house walls and trees if we let them!

I brought purple painter’s iris here when I first moved in and they ended up lining my walkway opposite the peonies. They have grown SO well in fact that I have been splitting them the past three years. I have now run out of friends who want some, so the last 3 clumps have not been dug up and cut apart yet. That’s a good thing because it is very difficult to pry apart.

I also brought 5 very small Hostas here: 2 variegated and three all green… I have given so many of those away by now! They line both the lower and the upper flower beds now and I may be moving more shoots to the back yard next year… They like it here, what can I say?!

Being a gardener causes me to look at, notice and watch everyone else’s gardens… Looking for a special colour or shape. Looking for a good filler or a spectacular addition to the plants I already grow. When coveting such additions, special attention has to be invested in finding out if that particular plant can live in my own patch ( ie, where I would like it to be). Then I either go and buy a similar plant at a nursery… sometimes going to several nurseries before finding it. Or I boldly ask for their cuttings! I also offer what I have got: trade is always good!!  Most gardeners don’t mind handing out bits and pieces… especially if the plant is doing well: it has to be controlled sometimes, so one gives the offshoots or cuttings away. Or whole plants!!

There are also a lot of dandelions on our lawn. We enjoy their bright yellow colour in spring before anything else has grown except the tulips. They are a bit unsightly after they have flowered… but they re-flower soon again. I’m afraid we are not good neighbours in that we let most of ours grow. I remove the ones that grow too close to the other flowers. This year I am also waging battle against the bishop’s sleeves. They have spread so much and there are so many more plants I would like to grow!! They are choking out the last peonies at the front… or trying very hard anyway!

My hydrangea has gigantic flower balls! It is plain white as I haven’t tried changing its colour to blue or pink. Yes, you can change the colour of your hydrangea by making the soil at its base more acid or more alkaline!!

The hydrangea is not in flower yet but you can see them coming here.

The poppies have started and I will get a week’s worth of flashy reddish orange plate-sized floppy flowers brighten up the driveway garden. Right next to them I can see the delphinium stalks have started their flower buds too. That small patch will also hold Baby’s Breath bushes, pink or white Mallows, Bachelor’s Button Carnations and Evening Primrose. They flower at alternate times so there is always something to enjoy… and weeding to do!

There is still a long list of bushes, plants and trees I would like to have in my garden. I have already run out of space, to be honest. But as one thing tends to fade away, I replace it with another. Or I make room for the additions by choosing to remove some of the crazier proliferating varieties.


Liz here…  Aren’t those poppies something?  There’s a reason she’s my guru, you know.  Hopefully, despite my late start in gardening, she’ll be able to get me (and my garden) whipped into shape!  If not this year, maybe next?

More from “In Roxane’s Garden” tomorrow.  Please come back!

I’d really love to see your comments on the projects I do and the ideas I have.  I learn more from critiques than praise, but, honestly, I adore praise (and who doesn’t?).

Thanks for stopping by.


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