Celebrating an ordinary man…

Master Warrant Officer (ret) David Maurice Thompson was born on 10 July 1944 and left us on 08 July, 2012.

His military career was accidental – thanks to a country judge who gave him the choice of enlistment or a cell.  Dave chose wisely… and many family stories were born from that choice.

The Dad Guy was witty, acerbic, frugal and loved each and every one of his children.  Family meant the world to Dave and even those of us who married in were numbered as his.  For 25 years, I have had the privilege of being the consistant thorn in his side, his peanut gallery and his comic relief.

He was not a great man.  No-one will erect a monument in his name.  No books will be written, no songs penned.  The world at large will never really know what they have lost.

But we do.

In the Ogre’s words, he was “A good man, a great teacher and an even better father.”

We will celebrate his birthday tomorrow without him.  But we will celebrate that we knew him.  There will be a toast, some good food, some tears, stories and laughter.  We will celebrate the life of this ordinary man and give thanks for the legacy he has given us.

I’m taking time away from the blog for a bit.  I don’t have guest bloggers lined up, so there will be “radio silence” from Dreaming a Home for the next week or two.

I’ll be back when I can.



2 thoughts on “Celebrating an ordinary man…

  1. Hi Liz-
    I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your Father in Law. He sounds like exactly the kind of guy who makes the world go round.

    On your question, “twinning” isn’t so much a technical term, I don’t think. It’s just when you accidentally cut your pieces so at the center front or back the print/pattern repeats too close together, as though you were trying to match up the print but missed by six inches. It’s probably not obvious to anyone who doesn’t sew, but it drives me crazy! On my cowl dress, if you look at the “before” photo of the back, you’ll see the two motifs on either side of the seam.

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