She Sews Studio

June, July and August have been eventful and dramatic months here at our home.

First, I had surgery – which went very well, and resolved issues that had been impeding the mobility in my left arm and hand.

Then, whilst I was in the midst of recovering, my mom came 900ish miles to visit my sister and I for 10 days!  The first day she arrived, my sister was moving into her new apartment, so I drove the truck, and Mom helped lift and tote.  (Mom may be reaching 70, but that does not seem to have slowed her down in any way, shape or form!)

Once my sister was ensconced in her new home, I continued with the recovery process, and my mom helped my sister paint, hang curtains and generally make her new space much more homey.

After she worked there, she came back to my house and decided it was time to paint my studio.

I did ask if she was doing this to do something nice for me (she’s been known to do that on occasion!)  She replied that she was doing it because she loved to paint.  (I come by my desire for pretties I make myself honestly!)

The entire room was painted Stone White (Ben Moore).  Walls, trim, you name it.  A nice crisp white that bounces light around and lets my fabric show its true colors.

Mom finished the room just before she went back home.  It took me several weeks to actually get the room finished because life got interesting again … but not in a good way.

My Dad-in-law died at the age of 68, just a few months after his cancer had gone into remission.  It was a tough time for all of us.  The Ogre is the oldest of three and the only boy.  Watching his mother, sisters and him try to go through this really was a hard thing for me.

I stepped away from blogging, DIY’ing and generally the majority of the things I filled my free time with.  It was time to hunker down and be with family.

Difficult things sometimes lead us to places that we don’t know we want to visit.  We visited a lot of those places in the last little while.  Some of them caused us to laugh, and some to cry, but all of them encouraged us to grow.

It wasn’t where we wanted to be, but we needed to be there.

Out of those places came some new growth for me.  Some realizations about myself, my relationships and new interests came into being.

When the Ogre and I were back home and mostly on an even keel, I was determined to finish the room – to create an oasis for myself where I could go to create, plan or just think.

There’s nothing fancy in this room – no artwork or special decorations.  It’s a room for a particular function.  I find it soothing and enervating at the same time.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in this room over the last three weeks.  I’ve been self-drafting patterns and sewing clothing for work.  It’s amazing how much can happen in an hour when all your tools are in the right place!

There’s going to be more sewing in my life from now on.  It’s a very tactile and rewarding experience for me and the fact that it increases my wardrobe is a bonus.

What there won’t be is a lot of DIY in my home for the next little while.  The landlord is having all of our windows replaced, and I don’t think its wise to invest time and money into something I have to redo in a few months.

I’ll be posting on Sundays and Thursdays from here on out.  These posts will be mostly about small decorating efforts – not large full room redos.  I hope you decide to stick around.  If you’re interested in sewing, you can read about my projects and the things I’m learning over at She Sews Seams.  I’ll be posting there on Mondays and Fridays.

I’d really love to see your comments on the projects I do and the ideas I have.  I learn more from critiques than praise, but, honestly, I adore praise (and who doesn’t?).

Thanks for stopping by.


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