the Ogre and I

This picture just about says it all.

We’re middle aged, mostly professionals who have spent more than half our lives counting on each other to be there – and not being disappointed.

This blog and the plans behind it are mine.  The work involved will be done by my hands for the most part.  Regardless, the Ogre has a pivotal part to play.

He’s been the most important part of my world for almost 30 years now.  My refuge against all storms, my safe haven and place to rest.  He always has my back and supports my dreams.

After 14 moves in 24 years, I’m looking to make our new home truly ours.  Rental or not.  Budget be darned.  This can be done without a huge cash outlay.  And I’m just the girl to do it.  With the Ogre on my side (Even if it’s just to say “Yes, Dear” and get out of my way!), dreaming a home is not impossible.

              After all, home is really where the love is.

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