Fantabulous Friday!

Earlier this week, I intended to walk around the condo complex I live in to take a few photos.  It didn’t go so well, so I hobbled back home.  Hobbled, because I’m sporting a brand new accessory!

That, friends and neighbours, is an Ace bandage firmly wrapped around my pudgy little right knee.

Elegant, isn’t it?

I’m blaming this accessory for the fact that I didn’t yet get the spare room done.  After I went for X-Rays on Monday, the Ogre forbade me to do anything for two whole nights!  Ogres are like that, you know.

Originally, I thought I had wrenched my knee putting the patio in two weekends ago.  After two weeks without it getting any better, I caved and went to see my doctor.  I was actually worried that the injury was something serious…

It is, and it isn’t.  Apparently, I now have an arthritic knee.  Fortunately, medication, exercise and elevation will keep this under control.  My doctor suggested walking, but belly dancing is also a low impact usage, so I can keep dancing!  Woot!

Back to the reason I was trying to navigate my condo complex.

Folks in this complex take a LOT of pride in their homes.  The condos were built in the 70’s and really aren’t that special, but they are well maintained and groomed.   The common areas are nicely manicured and groomed.  About one unit in every 6-plex seems to have a gardener living in it.

Like the lovely, retired Diane who lives right next door to me.  Coming home this week, this is what I saw.

All of this bounty in a teeny, tiny little space!   This is all at her front door.   It makes my heart sing when I walk toward my door and see hers.  What a wonderful gift she gives me!

My front step looks NOTHING like this.  I hope it doesn’t embarass her.  I have planted perennials, so it’s a bit sparse right now.  With any luck, however, later in the summer (and all of next) it will look much better and complement hers!

I’d really love to see your comments on the projects I do and the ideas I have.  I learn more from critiques than praise, but, honestly, I adore praise (and who doesn’t?).

Thanks for stopping by.


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